Welcome to Southborough News

By Anya Heilpern and Martin Webber

For democracy to work, voters need information. Information seems to us to be in pretty scarce supply when it comes to the future of Southborough.  Brief local newspaper articles or posts on Facebook sites clearly don’t do the job. That’s the reason we decided to start this blog.

Southborough is a beautiful town.  But it is on the brink of major change with continuing pressures to build more housing, worsening traffic congestion and the planned demolition of the 100 year old Royal Victoria Hall.  In our first major article, we have interviewed the head of Southborough Town Council, Glenn Lester.

He is a man who says he has the vision to create a “new heart” for Southborough.  Is he right?  Or are his plans impractical and threaten to make our library, theatre and medical services worse than before?

We are not trying to campaign.  We want to provide facts and a diversity of informed opinion and let the people of Southborough decide who they believe.

One thought on “Welcome to Southborough News

  1. Judy Rose

    I don’t want to be too cynical, but Southborough can hardly be described as a beautiful town! However, by building a new Hub and getting rid of the current derelict buildings, at least it will stand a chance of becoming presentable!


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