Snowbound Southborough in the Sun!

Southborough began the month of March 2018 covered in a beautiful blanket of snow.  Five inches fell on Tuesday in what appears to be the biggest snowfall for seven years.


The picture above was taken in a sunny spell around 8am on Wednesday as I walked along the A26 from Soouthborough to Tonbridge station.


Most schools were closed and Friday’s refuse collection was abandoned.


The main routes were successfully cleared despite further snowfalls.  But – with temperatures remaining below freezing – on Friday morning, most residential roads were still covered in compacted snow and ice and therefore remained very slippery.

Below are more pictures from Wednesday morning taken in Pennington Road.







A partial bus service did restart on Wednesday, having failed to operate on Tuesday morning. The trains to London kept operating despite the freezing conditions – at least until Friday when a further snowfall caused major disruption for anyone trying to return from London.  A rapid thaw on Saturday 3 March caused all the snow to vanish – normality returned…

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