For democracy to work, voters need information. Information seems to us to be in pretty scarce supply when it comes to the future of Southborough.  Brief local newspaper articles or posts on Facebook sites clearly don’t do the job. That’s the reason for this blog.

Southborough is a beautiful town.  But it is on the brink of major change with continuing pressures to build more housing, worsening traffic congestion and the planned demolition of the 100 year old Royal Victoria Hall.  In our first major article, we have interviewed the head of Southborough council, Glenn Lester.

He is a man who says he has the vision to create a “new heart” for Southborough.  Is he right?  Or are his plans impractical and threaten to make our library, theatre and medical services worse than before?

This blog is not trying to campaign.  It wants to provide facts and a diversity of informed opinion and let the people of Southborough decide what they believe.

I am a professional journalist who happens to live in Southborough and these articles are all written in my spare time. No funding comes from any commercial or other interest.

According to the statistics from WordPress, this site has now been viewed by 3,000 unique vistors in the seven months since it was started in early 2016.

Illustrations are drawn by my son, Jason Webber.

Martin Webber (updated 5 November 2016)

Jason old RVH

Jason's cropped picture
Southborough, Kent, England

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  1. sculler

    Just had a brief look round this blog, I like it. I grew up in Bidborough (Dad was rector in Bidborough 1951-82). I left age 18, but married Hilary from the village, and after 55 years we are back here.


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