Southborough’s Hottest Bank Holiday Art

The annual August Bank Holiday Art Show in aid of the Southborough Lions charity enjoyed three days of glorious sunshine this weekend as Monday temperatures hit 29 degrees centigrade.

CloserP1150492 copy.jpg

Among the exhibitors was Lyoubov Kimble (shown below with her art) who moved to Kent in 1995  from Kiev in Ukraine. She has been at the event every year for the past 14 years and described it as the “best weather” she has seen for the Bank Holiday exhibition.


Lyoubov says some of her most intricate pictures can take a week to paint (see below).



She has also featured on Ukraine TV and her painting below features the colours of the Ukraine flag – yellow and blue.


The Art exhibition has free parking at Meadows School TN4 0RJ and is located opposite the Southborough cricket pitch on the A26.



Meanwhile Steve Everest (pictured below) was proudly displaying his watercolours for the 20th consecutive year at the event.


Steve agreed it was the best weather ever for the event. Holding up his picture of Hadlow Tower, Steve said: “It’s global warming isn’t it!”

P1150501.jpgSteve’s states his main to claim to fame is that his Great Great Uncle, Sir George Everest, was the Surveyor General of India and had Mount Everest named after him in 1865. Everest’s name was used as a compromise due to the difficulty of choosing between multiple local names for the mountain.

Meanwhile, it is not only the heat that is making Southborough’s residents feel they have been transported to the south of France. Thanks to the atmospheric conditions, various French radio stations are currently being received on standard FM receivers in the town.

The oldies music station “France Bleu” has been coming in clearly on 94.7 MHz from Lille’s powerful 400kW mast, which is almost double the power at the BBC’s most powerful sites like Wrotham which are listed at 250kW. “France Bleu” is also sometimes audible on 95.5 MHz from a Boulogne transmitter.

France Musique with classical sounds is on 88.7 and 89.4 MHz. Breakfast time tends to work best but the signal strength can change from hour to hour.

For a full list of FM stations audible in Southborough click here:

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