82% of Comments Oppose Hub Scheme

As of Saturday morning, with the official deadline for comments to the Tunbridge Wells Planning website passed, opponents of the Hub scheme were in a clear lead with 82 per cent of neighbour comments opposed to the scheme.

At 1.00pm on Saturday, the tally was 103 comments against, with 23 in favour. Comments emailed on Friday are still to be counted, while the planners say they are still open to further comments in the coming days.

There was no word on Friday from the Tunbridge Wells Council planners as to whether they have seen enough evidence of the Royal Victoria Hall’s historic importance to add it to the borough’s list of Local Heritage Assets.  Currently the planners deem the Hall to have zero heritage value.

Planning officials say the cut off for comments on Friday is not absolute and people who haven’t been able to comment by Friday night can still submit comments in the next few days, if not via the direct submission on the website, then by emailing the planners.

Comments can be submitted in writing or by email, but you need to include the following information in order for your comments or objections to be registered:

  • Your full name
  • Your full address
  • The reference number of the application which is 16/06081/HYBRID
  • clearly say whether you support, object or are neutral on the proposal
  • your comments
  • email to planning@tunbridgewells.gov.uk

One thought on “82% of Comments Oppose Hub Scheme

  1. Helen Kirk

    I object to the demolition of the Royal Victoria Hall. Keep iconic and historical buildings to ensure Southborough has an identity and landmarks which make it stand out . Zero heritage value? The inside of this building is testiment to the history of the Theatre and its popularity when it was built. It is a beautiful example of a community Proscenuim Stage.
    Perhaps the historical value should be found from the thousands of people who have found, experienced and nurtured the arts in this building.


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